Our Mission

It’s hard to argue that virtual data rooms are vital for modern businesses. This technology provides a truly secure online repository for all your corporate documents along with other useful instruments. A data room can accelerate the deals and improve the workflow in general. It is a powerful tool for improving communication within the company and with its partners, investors, and other third-parties. However, it is only true if the virtual data room provider suits your business.

Every company has its unique needs and should choose the software based on them. Data room vendors understand that very well. That’s why they create tailored solutions for different business areas. Australian companies have one more unique feature to consider. They’re located in Australia. Therefore, the provider needs to offer 24/7 live support or have an office in this country. Otherwise, Australian clients will feel neglected due to the time difference. And sometimes it is crucial for the deal to get help right now.

To narrow the pool of choices for you, we have handpicked only the providers that satisfied this requirement. Of course, besides that, we have gathered the needed information and reviewed each of them, highlighting their pros and cons.

What do we do to create genuine and helpful reviews?

There is a significant difference between the old-school provider and a modern one. The old-school vendor has come to virtual data room service from a similar offline industry. Most of them were created decades ago, and as technologies evolved, they were left with no other option than to convert to digital.So now they are one of the most popular virtual data room providers simply because the brand exists for eternity. Among their clients, you will find many big corporations that share the traditional approach to business.

Mostly, they choose such vendors so that the brand of the data room matches the brand of the company.Often such providers offer a somewhat limited set of features, and their software lacks agility and cutting-edge technologies. But as we’ve said, this product finds its customers quite easily because the name works for itself.Modern vendors, on the other hand, were established around a decade ago or even less. Usually, they offer truly adaptive virtual data rooms that can fit most needs of most businesses. They study their clients precisely and make sure to update the software regularly to satisfy all the requirements.

Also, modern providers often pack their data rooms with unique features and are never thinking twice about adding another additional tool.Even though this might sound like heaven for younger people in business, older ones will most likely feel overwhelmed with such data rooms. If the user is not that tech-savvy, it will be cumbersome for them to understand quickly how to use the software.That’s why we always consider the kind of provider describing it for you. It is essential to know right away if you will feel comfortable with it.

To find truly unbiased opinions, we interview directors of companies about the data room software they’re using. We’re trying to gather meticulously everything they liked along with every bit they disliked. It is important to know all the drawbacks of the software to decide if it really fits your needs.

It is important to know whether the review is genuine or written by a provider’s copywriter. If you go to the website of any virtual data room vendor, you will find only positive words. But we know that it is impossible for the provider not to have drawbacks at all. There must be at least something.

Therefore, we can’t believe such reviews are really written by customers.That’s why we seek for testimonials elsewhere: on dedicated websites, forums, social media. We try our best to dig as deeply as possible and find every single detail. Obviously, we pay more attention to reviews from Australian businesses so that we can understand how well does the provider fit Australian market.

We always make sure to catch up with the latest events in the virtual data room world. It helps us to gain more expertise in this industry and, therefore, create more thorough and useful reviews for you. Also, it helps us to spot tendencies and predict trends for the future.

Besides that, we study trends in different industries to track when the needs change.We always try to bring you the most unbiased, informative, and detailed reviews so that you can easily decide whether a certain provider suits your requirements or not. We hope our work will help you make the right choice and stick to the vendor that fits your business perfectly.