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Year founded: 2005

Box virtual data room: all about convenience

Most online data room providers started their journey, actually offering VDR services. Or if we take a look at old vendors, they were working with some document maintenance-related processes before switching to digital. But the story of the Box virtual data room began in a totally different place. And such an unusual start brought its benefits.

In the beginning, Box was a generic file-sharing platform that didn’t differ much from any other similar service. But as its owners were gaining more experience in this industry, they started feeling like their possibilities and skills are restricted by the limited service they were offering. And they decided to upgrade the platform. Now Box is one of the most popular virtual data room providers out there.

Why users love this vendor? Because its secure virtual data room is very convenient to use. The navigation is intuitive, and the features are organized neatly. You don’t need to install any plugins to use it – the data room can be accessed via a browser. And if you want to work with documents from the mobile device – there are iOS and Android apps.

You can customize your Box data room as you like. Just add corporate colors and logos to the interface, invitation letters and login screen, and you will make the whole experience for your partners more pleasant and consistent. If you’re using any additional tools in your company, just integrate them with your data room software through APIs.

Box simplifies the maintenance of documents significantly. You can upload them in bulks, organize in the data room, and access from any device. An advanced search will make it easy to find any file you need by the name or content. Of course, there are all the features you’d expect from such software – optical recognition, different levels of access, Q&A section, and so on.



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