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Year founded: 2008

iDeals as highly customizable data room provider

Being one of the youngest virtual data room service providers, iDeals virtual data room is one of the best in this industry. It has every single feature a modern business might need, and the software itself is incredibly straightforward. If we were to choose the best solution that will fit most companies, we’d definitely suggest iDeals.

As practice shows, modern data room providers perform much better than ones that exist for decades. Mostly because new vendors have a fresh approach to this service. They know how to implement technologies to create truly agile and versatile software. And that’s just the case with the iDeals data room.

Among the customers of this provider, you will see companies from different industries. This software is suitable for everything from common due diligence and mergers and acquisitions to specific cumbersome business processes life science companies go through. And since iDeals data rooms are cloud-based, you can jump right to using this software skipping the installations process. Also, it means that all updates will be implemented automatically, and you won’t need to do anything.

Intuitive and secure virtual data room for your deal

Of course, our iDeals virtual data room review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the features this provider has. Let’s start with paying attention to how highly customizable the service is. You can create unique workflows, add your corporate colors and logo to the interface to make the data room more personalized. You can even synchronize other tools with it through APIs. Although there is one insignificant downside – some users think that the interface should get refreshed. And we agree with them because it looks outdated.

iDeals offers all the tools you’d expect from the data room. Here you’ll find a Q&A section, real-time audit, different levels of access, automatic indexing, watermarks, and every other feature you might need. And if you face any issues with this service, the support team is available 24/7.